In Honduras there are 110,194 women registered as domestic workers. However, only 629 of them are affiliated to the national social security system. 95.9% of men and women who perform domestic work in the country, earn less than the legal minimum wage.


Regarding "Honduras Independent Monitoring Team" (EMIH, for its acronym in Spanish), the affiliates mainly focus on the northern part of the country, providing accompaniment to a group of about 40 women of the municipalities: El Progreso, Santa Rita and Agua Blanca de Yoro and San Pedro Sula.   The team was born as an initiative aimed to promote compliance with national and international legislation in maquila companies; little by little, domestic workers joined together to monitor and verify their working conditions, too.

Currently, there are 25 women members, who live in:
  • Francisco Morazán
  • Municipio de Santa Ana
  • Municipio de Tegucigalpa
  • Municipio de Comayagüela
  • Zona Central de Honduras
Providing accompaniment to a group of about 40 women of the municipalities:
  • El Progreso
  • Santa Rita
  • Agua Blanca de Yoro
  • Municipio de San Pedro Sula del departamento de Cortés.
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